Friday, October 31, 2008

We Are Multiracial Country Luv it

We are Multiracial Country

The situation in the rest of the world today is getting worst, and we have to admit that the situation in our own country also is not getting better or safer (read the newspaper!). So if you’re a Muslim and have spent some time reading a bit about the signs of the Al-Qiyamat (as already discussed in depth by some of our famous scholars whom studied all the available hadiths on this topic) and compared it with all the latest events in the world today, then chances are you already realized that the warning light already turned yellow around the globe and if we don’t do something about it then soon it will turn red followed by all the scary stuffs our ustaz had warned us (when we’re still kids) of what might happened before the end of days.

Personally speaking, I don’t fear the reaper anymore. Being a dad, the value of your life usually and automatically demoted to second place in favor of your child being on top. If I can trade places, I will gladly let my child to be born in 1970’s so my child can know how it feels like growing under Malaysia during it’s prime on the 80’s and 90’s. Unfortunately for him he was born 2006, and he will grow up under possible scenarios such as the disintegration of multi-racial unity in Malaysia, if Dato Najib unable to cure UMNO and BN or worse yet if the Dajjal Worshipper a.k.a Freemason finally rule this nation through proxy the like of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Hence, the only thing to do is to say something and hoping someone who was destined to be important in the future will take notice and might be able to do something about it. That someone might be you regardless of your race, religion or age. Should you understand my fear now than hopefully in due time you will also understand that my fear today is exactly the same as what you’ll fear in future and what your forefathers had feared in the past.

Regardless whether one is Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.. We as Malaysians actually do share the same fear. We have witnesses in our lifetime the benefit of multi-racial unity and we had truly enjoyed making a living and growing up in the land where a person can loves and cares for his parent, relatives, love ones and friends without having to kneel before bedtime praying that he will not be dead by tomorrow.

Sometime, I could not imagine what it’s like living in a place like Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan, or some of troubling African Nation where people there master themselves in math by calculating the odd whether there’ll be a bullet in their skull the day after.

In Malaysia, regardless of financial prosperity which might differ from one family to another or from one race to another, the peace and prosperity which come with good governance always ensure that there’s hope for a better things to come. Hence the hope for better future is what had driven the Proto-Malays to migrate from Sumatra, Java, Riau, Arab, India etc by sail to Tanah Melayu which later mixed and becoming the Malays that we are today. Hope is also what had driven the Chinese to migrate from the mainland China to work in mines under hazardous condition and the Indian to work in the estate under merciless sun many years before the Independence.

My own view is we are all immigrants on God’s land. We were permitted to be here for a cycle of life to invest for benefits to be enjoyed in the afterlife and thereafter back we return to where we came from. We left behind our children at God’s mercy and knowing that the only thing important is to perform good deeds on earth so they can return to God as the obedient servant regardless of their previous financial or political status.

Our forefathers, when first migrating from their homeland to here, were all extremely poor. So poor they were indeed that most of them had accepted their fate that there will be no escape from it in their own lifetime. It’s a tale which most of us already familiar with. The tales of our great-great-great grandfather struggles. For the Malay it might start with “Moyang kamu dulu belayar sabung nyawa dari Sumatra dibedil Belanda, tapi sampai mati dibedil British lah pulok …” or for Chinese “Your grandpa started this big company very small you know, he was selling brick from door to door” or the Indian “Your grandpa in India had to sell his land so can send money to your dad to put you through law school”.

Had any of us ever wonder why? What was it that motivated these gentleman and ladies in the early 40’s and 50’s to stay on Tanah Melayu and work so hard despite realizing that he or she will remain poor and staying in a dilapidated house to the end of his/her life?

The answer is of course because of HOPE, not for themselves because it’s already too late for them, but they cling on the hope that the same will not befall their children and grand children. And God blessed them because they’ve succeed because here we are today - peaceful, prosper and comfy.

Just now I was watching Persepsi on RTM and there’s a discussion going on between the panels on what is happening today. One of the guests was expressing his concern about the unwelcome fact that there are already signs of racial tension in our nation today.

Hearing things like this through the tube is making me worry, and added that to the fact that there are all sorts of politician from both sides taking advantage of this issue to gain popularity, then God forbid we might experience another 13th May soon if failed to send reminder to these idiots that popularity can be gained by other means if they so desperate to have it. Go and join Akademi Fantasia lah! Or perhaps the Asian Amazing Race! Much much safer for the whole nation.

Now, I would like to remind all of us this disturbing reminder. Should this country falls into anarchy and racial riots, those political figures whom you might soooo idolize today for his (or her) so called `brave statement’ will probably not be there beside you shielding you from the knife, the Molotov cocktails or the baseball bat which might be swung on you or your children’s head.

These figures the like of Ahmad Ismail, Teresa Kok, Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga Sreenevasan, Wathya Moorthy, Khairy Jamaluddin, and others like them will be the first.. I repeat.. the very first to fly out from the country. Whereas we malays, chinese and indian remain at home fighting each other, these so-called leaders of ours probably ended up in the United States, Great Britain, Turkey, China, India, Hong Kong or Taiwan instructing their lawyers to assist them in applying political asylum.

Don’t kid yourself, they will remain there watching from afar, occasionally making television appearances on CNN pretending they do care, making public plea to each race to stop the violence and promises that once the violent stopped they WILL RETURN HOME TO LEAD US AGAIN.

Yeah right..
The day when leaders are the one who are first to be pierced by an arrow during battle is long gone. Nowadays, the so called top leaders; who usually the reason behind chaos at their own country; usually will fled the country leaving their countrymen at home bleeding or starving to death. Remember the like of Ferdinand Marcos (Philippine) who fled to Hawaii, Alfredo Stroessner (Paraguay) fled to Brazil, Baby Doc (Haiti) fled the country on the 7th February 1986, Hissene Habré of Chad fled and nested in the West African nation of Senegal, Jean-Claude Duvalier retired to the south of France, Idi Amin absconded to Saudi Arabia and Mengistu Haile Mariam ended up in Zimbabwe?

We have seen the small version of this trend in our own backyard so many times too. Wathya Moorthy fled to London suburb of Hounslow “fearing arrest”, Anwar Ibrahim fled to the Turkish embassy “to avoid arrest, torture and potential death”, Anwar Ibrahim also once fled Malaysia over an alleged “assassination attempt”, Rahim Ghouse fled Malaysia for Perth and then moved to Melbourne, where he set up the international Free Anwar campaign, The editor responsible for publishing the three paragraph report in the Sin Chew Jit Poh was reported to have fled, leaving little for the accusation to stand upon and a lot to wonder at the Chinese sensitivity and paranoia.

So far, the situation remains calm in our country. Whether we ought to thank this to the fear towards the ISA or not, I couldn’t comment at this moment. Therefore since no blood had been spilled yet, most of these most vocal voices in the political arena today seem still motivated to continue harping on the racial issue and they seems to get the supports from each of their respective races. Some probably think that bad-mouthing another race while thinking he/she is the most holy person in the world seems like a fun thing to do, and added that with some of the spectacular orator we have on stage today who really knows how to say things people like to hear, some of us already feels that these orator are their friend (they never had) who knows what they wish for.

Friend? Yeah right
Through experiences we know that a person who comes to us only to tell us each time exactly what we wanted to hear is usually not our friend. People like this usually come to you not because they want to give you something, but rather because they want something from you. Telling you exactly what you want to hear is the most basic principle behind the marketing strategy. The salesman, the broker, the marketing executives, the stock broker, the sales agent, and even the pengampu-pengampu in politic are all applying the same principle and please don’t tell me that they all came to you to give something for free. But at least these people who do this for a living (or to get a project from YB) are all harmless.
The politicians on the other hand; who play on sensitive issues are far from being harmless. They actually have nothing else to offer except entertaining you with the story you wish to read, hear and later join road-demonstration. They actually have nothing to give you except showing you the road to possible self destruction and in return they want you to support or vote them for a better seat in parliament.

Maybe today they thought what they have done is harmless, but I bet that once the game they’ve played spanned out of control, you will not find any of them in your house protecting you and your family from the riot in the neighborhood.
A Friend is the one who cares for you and tells you what’s best for you whether you like it or not. Therefore, true leaders are the one who uses their brain rather their brawn to improve their respective constituencies, countrymen and even respective races without the need to use anger and hatred as a tool. Some of them might not ever be as famous as Raja Petra or Anwar Ibrahim today.

But the words and conducts of Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Moses were remembered for thousands years not because they tell you to provoke others, but because they all told us that we must be kind to all.

So please think again and again before you declared yourself as staunch supporter to politician who plays on racial sentiment. If you accepted my suggestion that your family future is better risked in your hand rather than others, than my suggestion is to be nice and say nice things to all. Being nice to others will pay better with multiplied benefits on earth and in the afterlife.
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