Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wats it true of just a fairy tales

Wats Luv....a question everyone in the whole world wants to know...

How do u know that ur in love? how do you know she's or he's the one?

How do u know the other parties is sincere or taken you fer a joy ride>

Do you give all your trust to the love ones? Is luv the greatest feeling in life?

This is a part some of the question we ask ourself..

To be in luv is the greatest feeling in the World, times fly so fast when u're in love, its the 1st voice of your luv's ones u wanna hear every morning and the last voice to hear before u go to bed, When you in luv u juz dun care bout people around you, you only care fer your luv's ones. People in Luv can talk fer hours without getting bored with each other...U'll care fer the ones u luv the most and u'll give a biggest thing in life YOUR TRUST....

While in luv, there's surely gonna be small fights but if the will of luv's is strong nuthing can be in the way ,in the end patch up and make out..A lot of patience needed in luv's, always forgive and forgiven fer any mistake made....Time's will see the strenght of Luv's in up and downs...This will show the true meaning of luv's..

But ending a luv's is the worst feeling anyone could have and faced, Always be sure to give a 2nd Chance to your luv's ones to understand the real meaning of Luv's...But if there was neva giving a chance ,you'll lost the luv's one's you cherish the most....and lost the TRUST you gave once..

" If u love's sumone the most, you willing to let her go, if she's come back, the love is strong, But if she never comes back, she was never meant fer u"

Sometimes feel so scared and alone, wondering where you are and what your doing on this cold November night, sometimes I wish I was there with you to tell you I am there in your heart and that everything will be alright.

Sometimes I think of what could have what we might have had, but its been so long and your not coming back, and it frightens me to know your out there all alone fighting every day, but theres no words to say that will make it OK.

Sometimes when I close my eyes its your face I see, and I wonder are you out there somewhere thinking of me. At night is when I feel lost, wishing you were holding me and you were safe and warm, but thats a wish that might never come true.

Sometimes I whisper your name and I feel you near, I can smell the scent of you, I often wonder how your doing now, I still love you, I always will one thing is true my love is real, and I'll never give up on you. Sometimes I feel you'll come back to me, I close my eyes again and your holding me and your all I see...

Wats Luv's is it true of just a Fairy Tales................................By Armand

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