Friday, October 28, 2011


The Wingle 5 pick-up truck is priced at RM59,888 for the 4X2 and RM69,888 for the 4X4 variant. The truck is powered by a 2.5-litre turbodiesel and this conservative engine cranks out 89 kW and 300 Newton metres of torque.

GREEN Oranges Sales and Service Sdn Bhd recently introduced their China partner, Great Wall Motors and launched the first two models to be sold in Malaysia - the Haval Sports Utility Vehicle and Wingle 5 pick-up truck.

Speaking at the launch, Green Oranges CEO, Mohd Azli SM Nasimuddin said the two models were chosen because they have been homologated for advanced markets such as Australia and are therefore properly designed and engineered to compete in demanding markets like Malaysia.

These homologations also means that these vehicles have passed the stringent safety and emission standards that are in place in those markets.

The Haval H5 is comparable to the Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail in terms of size and the number of seats but in terms of price, this Chinese SUV will be on the market for RM120,000.

This competitive pricing indicates great confidence in the product and Green Oranges plan to sell on specifications as much as on price.

Initial assessment of build and material quality shows that Great Wall is a credible global carmaker.

Although it still has some distance to catch up with the Koreans and Japanese, there is no hiding the fact that they are serious about being a major player.

The Haval is powered by a 2-litre diesel engine and this is one of the model's unique selling point. The engine cranks out 110kW and 310 Newton metres of torque.

The gap in power between this engine and the 2.0 diesel found in the Haval SUV indicates that the Wingle 5 engine is tuned for durability, longevity and hard work.

The Haval comes with five-year free service and five-year roadside assistance while the Wingle 5 comes with a three-year warranty. Both vehicles have 10,000km service interval.
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