Monday, February 13, 2012

US And Israel Want Change In Msia- Tun M

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad alleged today that the US and Israel are conspiring to affect a regime change in Malaysia through a “puppet government” to be led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Writing in his blog, the former prime minister and Anwar’s long-time arch-nemesis said it was the US government’s hope that the new leadership under the opposition leader would establish diplomatic relations with Israel and distance itself from the Palestinian struggle.

“With that, a puppet government will be formed in Malaysia, one that will support all of the US’s efforts to conquer the world,” Dr Mahathir (picture) wrote.

The outspoken veteran politician said his fears were clearly reflected in Anwar’s statement during a recent interview with the influential Wall Street Journal newspaper when the latter purportedly expressed support for “all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel”.

Describing the statement as “unsurprising”, Dr Mahathir alleged that Anwar believes his unbending support for the US and Israel would help him realise his ambition to be the next Malaysian prime minister.

“Anwar therefore gives the impression of being a liberal; one who accepts and supports Western concepts like human rights, freedom in everything, anti-cronyism and corruption, rejects the New Economic Model, which is said to victimise certain ethnic groups here and many more, in order to get praise and support from the US.

“It has been successful because America now views Anwar as the most qualified (candidate) to carry out this regime change in Malaysia,” he said.

Unlike Anwar, Dr Mahathir added, the present administration led by Barisan Nasional (BN) is not favoured by the US as it keeps close ties with China and Russia, does not recognise Israel, often criticises US policies and does not support its sentiments towards Iran and other nations.

“So when Anwar was in court for sodomy charges, they (US) condemned Malaysia for allegedly attempting to block Anwar’s ambition to be prime minister of Malaysia.

“Of course, if Anwar fails in his bid, then this regime change planned by America would fail as well,” said Dr Mahathir.

The WSJ had quoted the PKR de facto leader as saying in an interview last month that he supported “all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel.”

But the newspaper said Anwar had stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, a step the former deputy prime minister said remains contingent on Israel respecting the aspirations of Palestinians.
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