Friday, July 13, 2012

Khalid 'Koyak' Latheefa ?

SHAH ALAM: Speculation is rife that Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) local councillor Latheefa Koya is on the chopping block.

According to a source, the proposal to sack the PKR legal bureau head came about following her strong criticism of the Selangor state government.

The source said that the proposal to expel her was tabled by Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

A state exco, who declined to be named, told FMT that the matter was raised during the exco meeting but no decision had been made.

“The process is ongoing. There has been no final word yet. We are voting on the issue,” he said.

Meanwhile, Latheefa told FMT that she had yet to be informed of any decision to terminate her from the position.

“I am still very much the MBPJ councillor and also the whip for PKR councillors. (I) did not receive any such letter,” she said in a text message.

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According to PAS and DAP, if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election then Anwar Ibrahim is going to become the Prime Minister, even if PKR wins the least number of seats. This is supposed to be an automatic thing. The question is: is it going to be Anwar because he happens to be the de facto leader of PKR or is it personal to holder? In other words, if Anwar is no longer the de facto leader of PKR would the offer end there or would it be inherited by his successor?

Those in PAS and DAP say that the offer is only to Anwar and not to any successor to Anwar, especially if this successor happens to be Azmin Ali. But Azmin is going to try to prove them wrong. The current sentiment is: we support Anwar not because he is the best but because we have no other choice -- there is no clear and suitable successor to Anwar.

But what if there is a successor? Would Anwar then become dispensable in favour of the successor? If Anwar no longer exists then Pakatan Rakyat would have very little choice, just like how they have very little choice now and have to nominate Anwar as their choice of Prime Minister whether they like him or not. Hence Azmin is not worried whether PAS and DAP like him or not. In a situation where there is no alternative they will back him for Prime Minister even if they don’t like him. Isn’t this also the case in Umno and Barisan Nasional?

What happens if PKR ends up with the most number of seats and all those PKR candidates who won are Azmin’s boys and girls? Would Anwar still be nominated as the Prime Minister or could Azmin mount a challenge and do a coup on Anwar? If Azmin’s boys and girls sweep into victory Azmin would be a poor politician if he does not exploit the situation for his own benefit. Why offer his army to Anwar when he can use this army to oust Anwar?

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