Thursday, November 15, 2012

Suara Anak Muda 1Malaysia Condemned The Attack By Israel Towards Gaza

 I represent @SAM1MSIA condemned the attacked by Israel 

I Arman Azha Hj Abu Hanifah Represent Suara Anak Muda 1Malaysia support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Palestine @BarackObama @NajibRazak #PeaceNoWar

Dear Mr @BarackObama I represent @SAM1MSIA condemned the attacked by Israel Towards Palestine. Wat Is Ur Stand As US President. #PeaceNoWar

@BarackObama Dear President the right of Israel to self-defense does not mean kill infants, children and pregnant women, @SAM1MSIA Condemned This Attack Towards Civilian, Stop This Killings

Dear Mr @BarackObama The situation of USA is not clear and gives the right to Isreal to self defence how come ? Palestanies are defence on their lands only @NajibRazak @SAM1MSIA

Gaza Has No Army, No Airforce, No Equipment For Attack Or Defence. This Is Not War. This Is Genocide Let's Unite And Pray For Our Brothers And Sisters In Gaza From Israel's Assault! 

Spend Some Quality Time For Them. Don’t Just Remember & Pray For Gaza Today, But Remember & Pray For The Civilians Of Gaza Every Single Day. #PeaceNotWar

"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel" kata Anwar dalam wawancara dengan Wall Street Journal pada 26 Januari 2011.

Semalam Israel serang Gaza dalam satu operasi yang dinamakan "Pillar Of Defense"

Konon serangan bagi protect the security of Israel yang sekali lagi konon sering di bedil rekot hamas.

Nampak kaitannya? Nampak!!!! Sendiri Ada Akal Utk Menilaikannya...
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