Wednesday, June 4, 2014

YTL Ts Francis Jom Siasat

Was that statement truly from YTL TS Francis Yeoh himself? If true, then we suggest GOVT sends him a note -

Dear Tan Sri Yeoh, 

It has been brought to our attention from media reports that you have made disparaging remarks about our Nation, our Govt and our Prime Minister, not to mention insinuations of corruption and allegations of crony capitalism.

As you and your YTL Group have been the recipient of major Govt contracts, IPP concessions, and awarded lucrative deals in major projects, the Govt takes a serious view of such unwarranted damaging statements which undermine the credibility of our Govt. The Cabinet therefore has directed our Attorney-General to take immediate action against you for uttering such disparaging remarks against our Govt and Nation.

All contracts awarded to you thus far, shall be subject to review to ensure no such allegations of crony capitalism as you had alleged to have said, indeed took place when in awarding them.

Our SPRM Special Team has been directed to investigate. This is relevant to clear the good name of our Cabinet, our Govt and our Nation.

Thank You

Armand Azha Hj Abu Hanifah
Exco Pemuda UMNO Malaysia

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